RCD Fuse Boxes

Last week was spent upgrading domestic fuse boxes so that the existing relevant circuits have 30mA RCD protection. Upgrading the consumer unit can be a straight forward process and cost as little as a few hundred pounds.

The Electrical Safety Council among others have been campaigning to raise public awareness of the benefits of upgrading your fuse board to include 30mA RCD protection (http://www.esc.org.uk/public/news-and-campaigns/news/news/article/industry-gets-behind-rcd-campaign/), and I am getting more customer enquiries for this type of installation work. Hopefully the beneficial message is filtering through to the public.

Below are two fuse boxes (or consumer units) that I upgraded last week.

The first was this older style Square D consumer unit.

No RCD at this fuse box

I undertook full Inspection and Testing of all circuits to ensure they were suitable for re-connection to the new RCD protected fuse box. The only fault on this occasion was a lack of earth bonding (equi-potential bonding) to the water and gas supplies. A serious fault but easy to remedy…

Inside the new fuse box with the cover offOrder restored with a new RCD protection fuse box

The customer wanted quite a few spare ways for a future project so we installed a larger than currently required consumer unit.

Another customer wanted to upgrade their consumer unit.

Typical Fuse box with no RCD Protection

Again, a process of Inspection and Testing of all circuits was undertaken to ensure that the circuits comply with the regulations (BS7671: 2008).

This particular installation had a few faults that needed to be remedied including a partial re-wire to the lighting circuits to ensure continuous earth as well as upgrades to the earth equi-potential bonding.

Order restored with a new RCD Protection fuse box

All works completed, certified and notified under Part P.

If you are thinking about upgrading your consumer unit I would be very glad to hear from you. I provide a free and no obligation written quote for the work after a site visit. I also explain everything in plain english! For more information please contact me…


Tel: 07914 901 203

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