LED lighting in the home

For some time now LED lighting and light fittings have been a fantastic and cost-effective solution for new and refurbished electrical installations in the home.

The principle benefits are that now, LED lamps can give a pleasing light effect and comparable light output compared to the traditional 50W halogen lamp but at a fraction of the running cost and with a much longer lamp life.

I have been installing some of these LED fittings for the last 6 months or so and thought it would be good to post up some pictures of some cool products that are affordable and easy to use as an alternative to Halogen lighting.

I did the electrics for this little bathroom below and put some nice bright LED’s in the floor and some Halers LED downlights in the ceiling as an alternative to the traditional 50W halogen lighting.

bathroom LED and Ceiling

Bathroom Floor and Ceiling LED

 The Floor lights give a nice decorative or mood effect and the ceiling lights provide the main lighting.

I used Halers LED downlights in the example above. At only 8W they consume less than a 5th of the energy of the halogen alternative and as you can see provide a nice light effect.  

Halers LED downlight

The benefit of this product are explained best at the Halers web site: http://www.halers.com/ (other brands are available!)

There is also a tilt/ eyeball fitting which is great for wall washing effects:

Halers LED tilt

Halers LED tilt downlight

For just installing something cool and flash I put in these blue LED floor lights to another bathroom.

Bathroom Floor LED Lights

So if you are looking for lighting that is modern, cheap to run and has a little bit of the ‘wow factor’ consider some LED lights.



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