Computer Suite Installation

Computer suite electrical installation – school

The challenge was to create a new computer suite for a local school and my role was for the design, installation, inspection and testing of the electrical installation. As part of the brief I installed the data cable but a separate IT contractor commissioned the data distribution system.

We started with an empty room.

computor suite before works

Once the new desks had been fixed it was over to me with the first fix.

computor suite first fix

computor suite first fix

Several considerations were essential.

  • Designing the socket circuits for the IT equipment so that they were protected by 30mA RCD but would not trip in normal use.
  • Installing a ‘high integrity’ (additional) CPC for the sockets circuits supplying computer equipment.
  • Ensuring the 240V electrical circuits were separate to the data circuits with the use of Dado Trunking.

computor suite fuse box first fix

There were quite a lot of cables to sort out as the consumer unit for the suite was to be located near the data hub (above), but the trunking enables a neat job once complete (below).

fuse box and cat5 data hub

The finished suite looked great and the school were very pleased with their new facility.

its done!

This was a very enjoyable and challenging electrical installation to complete for the client.

If you would like to know more or have a similar electrical installation that you would like me to quote for please contact me. | Tel: 07914 901 203

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