Extension and Electrical Upgrades to House

Extension and electrical upgrades to house.

A substantial and high specification electrical project comprising:

  • Electrics for high specification kitchen and dining extension.
  • Electric under-floor heating project for the extension.
  • New lighting schemes for ground floor including LED lounge scheme.
  • Remote controlled garden lighting scheme.
  • Re-organise circuits in to 17th edition consumer unit(s)

Electrics for kitchen extension

The client had a bespoke kitchen installed comprising various units, high specification appliances and granite work tops, and so the electrical installation needed to match in terms of quality.

house kitchen 3

I used Hamilton decorative switches and sockets, a lighting scheme comprising 20 recessed down-lights, low energy under cupboard lights and low energy over cupboard up lights, all separately switched to the customers requirements.

house kitchen 1

Under floor heating for kitchen extension

As part of the kitchen extension the customer requested that an electric underfloor heating system be installed as the primary heating device for the room. The system was approximately 30m2 and comprised 3 zones controlled by a programmable room thermostat and contactor.

These types of electric underfloor heating are excellent provided they are installed correctly. Photo below shows stage 1, insulation of the floor prior to laying the heat matt:

house under-floor heating insulation

the next photo shows the laying of the matt – be careful other workers do not damage the delicate cables at this stage!

house under-floor heating matt

Then a generous covering of leveling compound and tiling and you are ready to turn on and enjoy it!

house under-floor heating tiled

Lighting upgrades

As part of the project I re-wired the ground floor lighting to included recessed down-lights in most rooms. In the lounge though the client decided on an unusual architectural lighting design using LED strip lights hidden behind plasterwork to create a unique glowing effect. The photos don’t really do it justice, it really has created a fantastic effect…

house led lounge 2

The light is continuous, flicker free, super low energy and has a really long lamp life. Downside is the inital cost which is relatively high.

house led lounge 1

Garden Lighting Scheme

The client also wanted a garden lighting scheme to complement their landscaped garden. This comprised 24 post lights and 4 pond lights that were remote controlled and zoned.

house garden light 2

I used over 70m of armoured cable during the installation.

house garden lights

The lights are switched in 4 zones and remote controlled by a great little product called the ‘wisedim box’ which acts as a receiver for a remote controlled key fob to turn the lights on and off.

house garden lighting controller

Re-organise the Consumer Units

The original electrical installation had been altered and added too over the years and it was time to re-organise the circuits to bring the installation up to the 17th edition standard.

Original fuse boxes…

house original fuse box medley

New fuse boxed with full 30mA RCD protection

house new fuse boxes 1

And inside they look like this:

house new fuse boxes 2

If any of the ideas from this job inspire you or you have a similar project that I can help with, please contact me for a quotation.

roger@fordhomeelectrics.co.uk | Tel: 07914 901 203

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