Inspection and Testing

Inspection and Testing covers two aspects of electrical work. The first is what the regulations currently call the ‘Periodic Inspection Report’ which is a report on the condition of an electrical installation, and the second element is what we might call ‘fault finding’ in an electrical installation.

Periodic Inspection Report

BS 7671: 2008 (the wiring regulations) highlights the need for Periodic Inspection and Testing. The purpose of inspection and testing is to ensure the electrical installation is safe, identify any areas where improvements can be made with regard to safety and to identify any deviations from the wiring regulations.

A Periodic Inspection Report may be required by your insurance company and help you comply with HSE guidelines if you are an employer or landlord.

It is particularly important for:

  • Landlords and/or Letting Agents
  • Employers with a business premises (shops and factories)
  • Home buyers
  • Public buildings (schools, churches etc)
  • Construction sites

The scope and nature of Inspection and Testing required depends on the type of electrical installation.

I offer a fixed price inspection and testing service for domestic properties based on the number of circuits to inspect and test. On completion I will issue you with a Periodic Inspection report as well as a ‘plain english’ explanation (with photos if appropriate) outlining the condition of the electrical installation. If you require it, I will also include a written quotation to remedy any faults or dangers that need to be rectified.

Please contact me for more information: | Tel: 07914 901 203

Fault Finding – Something not working?

Intermittent power supply from a socket? Fuse keeps ‘tripping/ blowing’? Lights not working?

These are some of the things customers call me to ask about and this is what I call fault-finding. I offer a fixed price hourly rate for fault finding problems but have a great deal of experience with electrics in the home so aim to solve your fault quickly and painlessly…

Electrical work is based on a set of rules that have to be met for things to work properly, so it is just a case of eliminating each potential problem one by one until you find the fault!

Please contact me for more information – I may be able to solve your problem over the phone with no charge. | Tel: 07914 901 203

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