New Build House

New Build House

Another really enjoyable project to complete where the customer wanted a simple and functional electrical installation finished to a good quality standard.

A few pictures of the ‘first fix’ work, below showing the hall way…

new build house first fix hall

… and another showing one side of the kitchen. I prefer to install my cables in plastic conduits where possible so the cables are protected from the plasterers trowel and in the event of a fault (for example a screw through a cable during the building works) it is really easy to draw through new cables.

new build house kitchen first fix

The finished kitchen after second fix looks like this:

new build house kitchen

Below shows first fix of the fuse box area, again with cables in plastic conduits.

new build house first fix fuse box

Once rendered and plastered the fuse box can go on…

new build house finished fuse box

…and inside it looks like this:

new build house inside fuse box

Outside the customer chose some light fittings of their own to light up their rear decking area.

new build house rear

Once second fix was complete and the installation was fully tested and certified it was time to get on to the next job…

new build house finish

I was responsible for design, installation, inspection and testing for this project, so if you have a similar job you are doing and would like a quotation, please contact me. | Tel: 07914 901 203

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